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BeltLine Safety Reminder

From my VaHi counterpart, John Wolfnger. I am waiting on detailed info on these incidents, however I do know that there was only one incident (not two as stated) on November 19th, with two victims.  As soon as I get more details I will pass them on. For now, continue to use good judgement, be aware of your surroundings, and if you see something suspicious, go the other way and call 911 immediately.
The new eastside BeltLine trail that is attracting hundreds of joggers/walkers/bicyclists as a wonderful, scenic place to get out for exercise is also attracting those who prey on unsuspecting and unalert folks.  There have been 3 recent incidents I need to make you aware of - on 11/19 there were two separate reports of joggers robbed in the area of the Highland Avenue bridge (no mention of weapons being used) and last week a jogger was robbed at gunpoint at the end of Greenwood Avenue at the BeltLine.  These folks all lost their cellphones - so there was a delay in contacting 911. 
As you use the BeltLine, please keep electronics hidden under your clothing, and stay aware of your surroundings, just as you would on our city streets.  As you traverse the BeltLine, keep note of where you are by noting landmarks and the dead-ends of city streets.  Until such time when location signs are placed along the trail - assume responsibility for keeping track of your location, and your own safety.  I hope that a decision-maker is reading this report and will act soon on BeltLine location ID signs and/or callboxes.

Greg Scott
IPNA VP for Public Safety

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