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Filming – March 26, 2012 Krog Street Tunnel

UPDATE:  As of 5pm on 3.21.2012, the shoot at this location has been cancelled.


Received the following information from Synergy Film:


My name is Seth Zimmerman and I work as a Location Manager/ Scout here in the Atlanta area.  I am currently working on a TNT Sports commercial being produced by a local company, Synergy Films.  The commercial will show a vehicle driving around the city and passing certain places/ things that identify Atlanta.  One of those things is the Krog St. tunnel.  I am submitting a permit application film in the tunnel next Monday, March 26, from 11AM - 2PM.  Per permitting requirements with the City of Atlanta I lettered businesses and neighbors that would be directly impacted by this but I am emailing to you to see if this could be forwarded to residents within both neighborhoods so more people are aware of the filming and can plan accordingly.  Krog Street Closing: March 26, 2012 .  Please let me know if you have any questions/ concerns and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Thanks so much,

Seth Zimmerman
Location Management/ Scouting
C: 404.667.9964


Posted by Leigh Hays, VP of Communications, IPNA

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